Responsible for the fabrication of Die and Mold tooling parts. Individuals must have high skills in profile grinder and knowledge to be able to instruct low level operator.

To ensure smooth operations, the ability to implement 5S and improve QCD is required.




  • Ability to select the right grinding wheel for the workpiece.   
  • Mount, dress, and balance grinding wheels.
  • Can select the appropriate jigs. 
  • Can select appropriate fixturing method using vise, sine bar, and magnet block.
  • Understand machine specifications, part names and functions.
  • Understand the names and functions of each part of the operation panel.
  • Can perform basic operations.
  • CAD data can be converted into chart data.
  • Charts can be created in Creo.
  • A automatic chart system can be used to create charts.
  • Understand the inspection items for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.
  • Understand how to recover after an abnormal stop.
  • Understand how to handle whetstones.
  • Understand the composition of the grinding wheel.
  • Understand the characteristics of single V and straight grinding wheels.
  • Understand the properties and characteristics of each material.
  • Know the coefficient of thermal expansion for each material.
  • Appropriate peripheral speed can be set.
  • Can set appropriate stroke speed.
  • Appropriate depth of cut can be set.
  • Can be machining tapered.
  • Can be R-machining.
  • Can be cut up machining.
  • Thin materials can be processed.
  • Fine grooves can be processed.
  • A dresser can judge clogging of the whetstone.
  • It is possible to mold the grindstone.
  • Even aluminum and copper can be processed in the above manner.




  • Associate Degree or any equivalent Vocational Courses are encouraged to apply
  • Must be an NCII holder (Machining)
  • CAD and CREO knowledge is a must.
  • Stamping and Molding Tool Knowledge
  • Basic Computers, MS Office, SAP knowledge is an advantage
  • Tool Room Processes
  • Tooling Knowledge


Job Overview

TE Connectivity's Machinist Team's responsibilities include, assignment planning, layout, set up, operating and making tool adjustments for various types of manual, numerically controlled and computerized machine shop equipment. They work from blueprints, process sheets and sketches to perform production tasks, which may include the cutting and shaping of metal to precision dimensions, communicating directly with engineers to understand the purpose of a part assembly. Every team member is responsible for maintaining housekeeping and organization of the work area as well as following TE Connectivity's EH&S policies and procedures.

What your background should look like:


Values: Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Innovation

Tanauan, BTG, PH, 4232

City:  Tanauan
State:  BTG
Country/Region:  PH
Travel:  None
Requisition ID:  102978
Alternative Locations: 
Function:  Manufacturing

Job Segment: Industrial, Machinist, CAD, Drafting, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Engineering