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At TE, you will unleash your potential working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to create a safer, sustainable and more connected world. 

Job Overview

TE Connectivity's Materials Planning Teams are responsible for the plans, schedules, and monitoring of the movement of material through the production cycle. They determine quantity and order date for materials to meet production or engineering schedules, initiate purchase or production requisitions compliant with supply agreements, and develop the schedule to be used in the production facility based on forecasts and historical analysis. The Team develops specifications for new contract orders as well as forecasts and plans for labor requirements. They provide timely and accurate input on supplier performance and may be asked to participate in higher level supplier performance reviews with the strategic sourcing team. They also monitor cost, schedule and scope of assigned subcontracts to assure best quality at best value.

What your background should look like:

Role Statement

Closely follow up customer demand change status and evaluate the resources and make a proper production plan to bridge the gap in between, and leverage SAP/software system to maintain an efficient process to continuously improve the Speed and flexibility of Planning, as a result to deliver extraordinary customer experience at lower cost.

Key Responsibilities/Objectives

    Demand/Supply management and Customer order management (需求与供给的管理以及客户订单的管理)
1.    Monthly follow S&OP process with demand manager and PM to work out rolling demand planning which cover next 12 months for plant long-term capacity planning (equipment) (每月与前端的预测经理/产品经理协作产生12个月的预测用于工厂长期的设备产能规划)
2.    Monthly work out rolling production planning which cover 3 months for plant middle -term capacity planning (Headcount / Material) (每月的厂内3个月的计划需求管理用于人力以及物料的规划
3.    Daily manage customer orders both in DC & plant SAP (i.e. workflow release, customer order acknowledgement, delivery arrangement) (每天工厂以及前端物流中心的订单管理(订单释放,订单确认,订单出货)

    Production Planning and Production order management (生产计划以及生产订单管理)
1.    Weekly production planning arrangement by releasing production orders and get alignment with production team in the weekly meeting(每周生产会议产生周生产计划)
2.    Daily monitor the execution of production orders, track and correct the variance to ensure the production plan is on schedule (每天监控生产工单的完成情况)

    Material Planning and Purchase order management (物料计划以及采购订单管理)
1.    Weekly work on material requirement planning and coordinate with suppliers on the forecast sharing, buffer stock building, material call off at regular base (每周物料计划的管理,与供应商的预测分享,安全库存建立以及物料的交货)
2.    Regularly release purchase order to internal and external venders for the Material or Components preparation and expedite it closely if any special case(定期的采购订单管理)

    KPI Management (绩效管理)
1.    Delivery performance management to ensure STR/STS to customer reach TEOA target (确保与出货相关的绩效STR/STS达到TEOA的标准)
2.    Inventory management to ensure inventory turns to reach TEOA target (库存管理,确保库存周转率达到TEOA标准)
3.    Manage logistics cost at an economic way at daily execution to balance the speed and the cost (采用合理的运输方式控制物流成本)
4.    Lead time improvement and deliver extraordinary customer experience (交货周期的优化提高客户满意度)
5.    SAP Material Master Maintenance at PP/SD/PUR Modules and keep high data integrity and consistent (SAP主数据的正确性管理)

    Others
1.    Have knowledge of IATF16949 (了解IATF16949)
2.    TEOA Projects (E-KANBAN optimize and implement) (TEOA 相关项目:E-KANBAN优化以及实施)
3.    Support manager on other assignments (经理布置的其他任务)

Key Qualifications, Experience and Knowledge:

1.    College degree or above
2.    Good written, reading at English, and communication skills within team;
3.    5-10 years experience at MPS, production planning and material planning at international manufacturing company
4.    Demonstrated ability to identify root cause, drive improvement actions and resolve problems.
5.    Import & Export experience would be a benefit
6.    Good SAP knowledge and practice
7.    Good Excel / office software
8.    Lean Production knowledge is preferred


Values: Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Innovation

SUZHOU, JS, CN, 200233

State:  JS
Country/Region:  CN
Travel:  Less than 10%
Requisition ID:  94747
Alternative Locations: 
Function:  Manufacturing

Job Segment: Facilities, Material Planner, Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain, Demand Planner, Operations, Manufacturing

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