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At TE, you will unleash your potential working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to create a safer, sustainable and more connected world. 

Job Overview

TE's HR Solutions Partners function in a variety of Human Resources activities including employment and employee relations, recruiting, termination and data analysis/metrics. They implement Human Resources policies at the country, regional or global level partnering with management to drive company-wide programs and initiatives.

What your background should look like:

Role Statement
Take responsibility for operators and technicians hiring plan and TA improvement project. 负责作业员及技术员招聘计划和招聘改进项目。

Key Responsibilities
1.    Work with line manager to develop hiring plan and manage hiring needs in responsible area. 与直线经理合作制定招聘计划并管理负责区域的招聘需求;
2.    Make sure the hiring process run with efficiency and effectiveness way, including (hiring need analysis, candidate research, talent interview and selection, salary proposal base on internal and external comparison). 确保招聘流程以高效和有效的方式运行,包括(招聘需求分析、候选人研究、人才面试和选拔、基于内部和外部比较的薪酬建议);
3.    Ensure recruiting databases, tools and hiring report are timely updated. 确保及时更新招聘数据库、工具和招聘报告;
4.    Develop and maintain hiring channels to make sure the talent pool could meet business requirement. 开发和维护招聘渠道,确保人才库满足业务需求;
5.    Manage and measure the performance of talent vendor, in order to continued improve service level. 管理和衡量人才供应商的绩效,以持续提升供应商服务质量;
6.    Build and maintain network of potential candidates through pro-active market research and ongoing relationship management. 通过积极主动的市场研究和持续的关系管理,建立和维护潜在候选人网络;
7.    Establish hiring toolkit and process which strongly recognize oriented potential talent. 建立招聘工具包和流程,以准确识别定向潜在人才;
8.    Responsible for talent acquisition project and keep improvement.负责人才引进相关项目及提升
9.    Responsible for School-Enterprise cooperation; 负责校企合作
10.    Play the Solution Partner role for specific function. 担任特定职能部门的解决方案合作伙伴角色;
11.    Other HR related work assigned by management. 管理层安排的其他相关工作。


Values: Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Innovation

SUZHOU, JS, CN, 200233

State:  JS
Country/Region:  CN
Travel:  None
Requisition ID:  102477
Alternative Locations: 
Function:  Human Resources

Job Segment: Recruiting, Employee Relations, Relationship Manager, HR, Human Resources, Customer Service

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