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At TE, you will unleash your potential working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to create a safer, sustainable and more connected world. 

Job Overview

TE's HR Business Partners function in a variety of Human Resources activities including employment and employee relations, recruiting, termination and data analysis/metrics. They implement Human Resources policies at the country, regional or global level partnering with management to drive company-wide programs and initiatives.


Responsible for building the capability of the organization to be high performing and able to adapt, including change management, culture transformation and overall employee performance by analyzing organizational structures, responsibilities, reporting relationships, work processes, and team interactions to determine company-wide programs and/or training initiatives that need to be changed or implemented to increase organizational effectiveness.


Implements processes and programs designed to maximize employee productivity, performance, and engagement by conducting needs assessments, focus groups, or employee interviews with the goal of identifying areas for improvement.


Responsible for TE's training and development strategy, ensuring skills and capabilities of employees meet the organization's current and future needs by developing, implementing, and evaluating training activities to meet TE's competitive position requirements.


Develops mentoring and training programs to establish a diverse and inclusive culture; tracks and performs analysis of key company diversity metrics to measure program effectiveness against established goals.


Job Summary


OD & L Interventions    
- Listen to developmental requests from management team & employees and figure out effective way of interventions.
- Implement interventions and evaluate effectiveness from them with analyzed report.
- Align with company strategy & objectives and provide developmental supports to achieve.


Manage Training    
- Deal with employees` requests for external educations
1) Consider validity of their education or training request.
2) Approve request and help internal procedure (voucher, vendor registry, etc.)
3) Gather annual education plans and records of trainings from function and 
update them half-year base. 


Leadership development
- Conduct OLR from global structure and build leadership pipeline.
- Apply leadership development initiatives aligned with global.
- Make local customized actions for leadership development.


Career Connections Management    
- Manage TEK employees' Career Management system 'Career Connection'
- Track and have all employees to complete all processes which are Objective Setting / Mid-year Discussion / Year-end Assessment
- Manage and report Assessment result
- Promotion management 


Internal Communication    
- write, edit, prepare internal materials, including company publications, group emails, intranet pages, training materials, video clips and employee meeting
- write, edit, prepare external communications including industry articles, press releases, blog posts, and webcast
- develop, plan, implement townhall meeting, business performance Q&A sessions and other events based upon requests
- explore news worth of sharing, collect special stories, references, and other materials throughout the company, and channel it through to management and all employees
- Prepare and manage company events


Internal Communication Planning
- develop, recommend, and maintain editorial policy and branding guidelines
- establish internal communication strategy, design tactical communication plans and campaigns in terms of communication channel, delivery, contents, frequency, and target audience
- create contents delivery concepts, messages based upon management requests


- Conduct engagement survey (Connect Survey), which is aligned with global.
- Analyze result of survey and find out possible and practical way of improvement.
- Conduct actions to improve engagement status


- Conduct I&D activities aligned with global initiatives, locally.
- Consider local I&D interventions, if needed 


Other Global Requests    
- Review Korean translations of global materials and confirm
- Deal with various requests from other BU, regional HR COE and global.  

Job Responsibilities


Strategic Impact (to business results) 
-    Improve organization competitive power with developing talents, capability and leadership
-    Prepare future in advance with upgrading needed skills and knowledge 

 Knowledge, Skills & Innovation 
-    Overall knowledge on HR and organization
-    Skill for analyzing educational needs and designing curriculum.

Scope of responsibility 
-    Mainly, responsible for OD&L in TEK Automotive
-    In case, conduct whole BUs in TEK with global-wide initiatives  
-    Additionally, deal with other BU`s requests.


•    Integrated understanding on business, HR, engagement and tactical education methods.   
•    Knowledge for Organization Development and Change Management
•    Analyzing capability for developing trainings and curriculums 
•    Extroverted attitude and communication skill
•    IT capability  – Mainly PPT & Excel and video/picture modification skills, etc.


•    7-10 years of OD & HRD field or general HR area.


•    Bachelor degree or above in HR, Education, Business Administration and Psychology 


GYEONGSAN-SI, 47, KR, 712-838

State:  47
Country/Region:  KR
Travel:  50% to 75%
Requisition ID:  95475
Alternative Locations: 
Function:  Human Resources

Job Segment: Employee Relations, Change Management, HR, Automotive, Human Resources, Management

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