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At TE, you will unleash your potential working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to create a safer, sustainable and more connected world. 

Job Overview

TE Connectivity's Continuous Improvement Teams design and implement programs and projects to improve products, services, or processes aligned with business strategies. They coach teams; establish program performance metrics; and establish process excellence supports.

What your background should look like:

Job description:

  1. Support Plant TEOA Manager define TEOA concept, principles, VS organization transformation and methodology TEOA adopted. 支持工厂TEOA经理定义相关精益概念、原则、VS 组织转型和TEOA方法论。     
  2. Plan annual Tebit projects within related department through value stream 通过价值流计划相关部门的年度TEBIT项目。    
  3. "Implement/coordinator Tebit projects to gain savings from financial view.实施/协调改善项目以从财务角度节省开支。"    
  4. Promote TEOA culture through TEOA tools training and KAIZE projects. 通过精益工具培训和改善项目推广精益文化。    
  5. To support TEOA Manager to promote total involvement. 支持 TEOA 经理促进全面参与。    
  6. Standardize TEOA VS Transformation process through KAIZEN projects implementation and CIP program deployment 通过 KAIZEN 项目和 CIP 系统推广和执行标准化 TEOA VS 转型过程.

Position Authority

  1. Planning for TEBIT projects TEBIT项目规划            
  2. Assessment of VS team members performance VS 团队成员绩效评估            
  3. Setup project related communications with departments 与部门建立项目相关的沟通            
  4. Monitor TEBIT Project cost saving, project quality and schedule 监控 TEBIT 项目成本节约、项目质量和进度            

Job Qualifications

  1. Experience in TEOA culture and TEOA tools promotion TEOA文化和TEOA工具推广经验            
  2. Experience in project management and leading cross-functional teams.具有项目管理和领导跨职能团队的经验。            
  3. Ability to perform under high pressure and adapt himself/herself to changing requirements, new cultures. 能够在高压下执行并适应不断变化的要求和新文化。            
  4. Good ability/logic to assess problems and take the appropriate course of action. 良好的能力/逻辑来评估问题并采取适当的行动。            
  5. Good Oral English communication 良好的英语口语交流             


Values: Integrity, Accountability,Teamwork, Innovation

DONGGUAN, GD, CN, 523071

State:  GD
Country/Region:  CN
Travel:  10% to 25%
Requisition ID:  90449
Alternative Locations: 
Function:  Continuous Improvement

Job Segment: Project Manager, Technology

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