At TE, we focus on enabling women to reach their full potential through inspiration, networking, mentoring, and professional development.

Our Women in Networking Employee Resource Group's (WIN) mission is to create an environment where everyone can contribute to the success of TE by leveraging their own unique talents and personality. Our focus is on enabling women at TE to reach their full potential through inspiration, networking, mentoring and professional development. WIN strives to acknowledge gender issues around the globe, increase awareness, improve the working environment and boost employee confidence. We offer a variety of events, resources and networking opportunities for all employees to learn, expand their network, enhance their personal brand and give back to local communities.

  • Engagement: ensuring all employees feel their voices are heard
  • Development: offering employees continuous learning opportunities
  • Accountability: measuring our progress and striving to meet our goals
  • Community: cascading our commitment to diversity and inclusion into community programs

We encourage & embrace everyone's unique differences, and leverage the power of those differences to create a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future.