• We are honored to be recognized for our commitment to diversity and believe it takes all of us to build an inclusive environment that makes all of our team members feel welcome. We know that a diverse and inclusive company is a stronger company, where teams perform better, are more innovative and feel empowered to contribute to a collaborative culture.

    We're deeply committed to our I&D vision of a work environment where all employees are engaged, feel differences are respected, valued & all opinions count.


  • Tim Minnick, Manager of R&D/Product Development Engineering

    When Tim first started working for TE (AMP) in 1994, we were designing 25 Mbps systems. Now, in 2020, we're optimizing products for 224 Gbps systems. Over the past 26 years, data rates we support and the information transfer we enable has increased approximately 10,000 times! TE's 2019 Patent of the Year Award went to Timothy Minnick and his Pennsylvania-based team’s STRADA Whisper product, a connector that can be found in the server farms of the world’s largest telecommunications and Big Tech companies, storing, switching and pushing out immense loads of data at high speeds. Though Tim and his team have earned one of TE’s highest innovation honors, they’re not done yet. Their success, coupled with what Tim describes as a work environment that encourages thinking outside the box and applying that thinking to leading edge product development, has driven the product’s next generation. (the STRADA Whisper Absolute product family)

  • Fran Tallant, Supply Chain Analyst/International Trade Compliance

    Fran, a 33-year career veteran who has worked for three other very large organizations prior to TE, says TE presents the most inclusive environment in which she has ever worked. For any company to sustain itself in today’s marketplace, it must play in the international arena. To do so is not a simple task. Fran has acquired her knowledge and expertise of international trade compliance by working across several industries. Surrounded by intelligent, mindful, and innovative colleagues, Fran is developing a process for our Sensors business that will ensure compliant trade and expedite goods throughout the Supply Chain. Fran holds a B.S. in Accounting from Montclair State University, as well as a US Customs Broker’s license issued by the Department of Homeland Security, and is also a Certified Export Specialist as designated by the NCBFAA (National Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder Association).

  • Alessandro Genta, Sr. Manager of R&D/Product Development, Automotive

    Alessandro leads our Automotive Product Development team based in Collegno, Turin Italy and has been working at TE since 1996. He started his professional career as an expat in Brazil for Olivetti in the production plant developing mechatronics products such as calculators, machines and printers. He reminds us that sometimes, innovation can even start in the home. He was at home feeding his dog, Trudi, a cylindrical snack when a light bulb went off. He noticed how well she was able to grip and hold the snack between her jaws. And from that moment, Alessandro went on to develop a gasket, fashioned after Trudi’s chompers, that can firmly keep wires in their place. He was comfortable in bringing this idea that sprouted in his living room to the lab here at TE, since we care about the value of the idea however it originated.

  • Benny Zhu, Maintenance Mechanic

    Meet Benny Zhu, a Maintenance Technician for over 10 years, who recently joined TE as the result of an acquisition. For years under his previous employer, Benny would use an open blade to make precise tube cuts. But TE has a strict safety policy that bans open blades on the plant floor. Tapping into his newly found culture of innovation at TE, Benny immediately began designing a fixture that eliminated the need for an open blade without compromising the precision of the cut. Benny’s creation has been shared with TE employees as a best practice and the company is actively encouraging its adoption in other plants. We look forward to the next great idea from the innovators working on our factory floors.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at TE are company-sponsored groups of employees that provide resources to promote inclusion, diversity and the professional development opportunities for employees.

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We encourage and embrace everyone's unique differences, and want to leverage the power of those differences to create a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future.

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TE nurtures a workforce that combines a wealth of diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and we foster a culture where everyone can bring their whole selves into the workplace and feel a sense of belonging.

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