求人 ID:  120274

Tanauan, BTG, PH, 4232

学歴:  Other
職歴:  5-7 years
出張:  Less than 10%


This MFG & PROCESS DVL Engineer II---Stamping is based in DND PH plant which is newly set up and will have initial production from Nov this year. Is part of the global MPDE(manufacturing process development engineering) organization, Daily working closely with product development team & plant team on new product launch.

  • Short term1~2years: Working with MPDE/ME team in China to launch projects developed by China team as well as some old products migration from China plants to PH plant.
  • Long term(>=2years): Working with product design team located both in China and US to launch products from PH directly together with local MPDE team (Project management, manufacturing process developmenttooling build and qualification).

This MFG & PROCESS DVL engineer II---Stamping is responsible for new stamping process development and realize it, ensure product launch in plant for mass production smoothly, Ensure all project related KPISchedule, Cost, investment, Quality, Delivery…are met.


  • Overall stamping process development, coordinating with interaction processes (Molding, Plating, Assembly) to ensure the best process and cost for F/Gs
  • Concept design & proofing for Stamping process and tooling, Process development DOE.
  • Technical leader and trouble shooter from LVM to HVM in process development, tooling design & qualification, issue finding and problem solving
  • Platforming manufacturing process development.
  • Challenge product design for manufacturability and cost feasibility.
  • Launch product at rate through FACA/QCPA tools (yield, CPK, OEE…)
  • Launch product on time with cross function team.
  • Process documentation (DFMFMEAs, WI, FACA/QCPC…)




  • Bachelor or above degree in mechanical engineering or related background.
  • 5+ years die design, Process and Troubleshooting knowledge / experience.
  • Strong knowledge of tool fabrication, tool-steel application/selection, heat treating, and plating/coating.
  • Strong knowledge of stamping processes.
  • Strong understanding of metal material, press machine, auxiliary equipment.
  • Understand tolerance calculations and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
  • Data oriented issue finding and problem-solving skills.
  • Rich shopfloor hand on experience.
  • Sensitive on product cost, know how to drive cost through manufacturing process development & design optimization.
  • Fluent in using of basic process development related tools like DFM, PFMEADOEFAA, CTAR CADPro E
  • Knowledge of quality control and quality issue analysis and improvement
  • Good teamwork and communication skills
  • Fluent in written and Spoken English.
  • Oversea working experience is a plus.


TE Connectivityの製造およびプロセス開発エンジニアリングチー ムは、LEANPD主導型の新製品開発プロジェクトに大きな影響を与え、既存の製造技術と方法における卓越性を推進し、プロセスおよび公差管理が改善された新しい製造技術を導入することに尽力します。これらのチームは、製品開発および製造エンジニアリング間のつなぎ役として機能し、この重要なインターフェースの有効性と効率を確実なものにします。サンプルツール/製品/プロトタイプを具現化することにより、製造可能性に対する設計および部品の最適化において製品開発をサポートします。また、TEの品質および製造基準を満たすツールおよびプロセスの設計、開発、適格性の確認を行い、該当するTEシステムですべてのプロセスとツールを文書化し、サプライヤのコンプライアンスおよび能力を確認するためサプライチェーンに対応し、品質、コスト、サイクルタイムの継続的改善プログラムを開始および遂行し、適切な仕様、規制要件、顧客要件すべてに従います。



Values: 誠実性, 信頼性, インクルージョン, 革新性, チームワーク