工作职能:  ????
申请 ID:  103816

QINGDAO, SD, CN, 266113

教育经验:  Bachelors Degree (High School +4 years)
雇佣经验:  7-10 years
出差:  Less than 10%
At TE, you will unleash your potential working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to create a safer, sustainable and more connected world. 


TE Connectivity 的制造工程团队是冲压、模制或组装相关主题的工艺领导者,确保工艺以最佳的质量和 输出水平运行。他们是模具加工、机械加工和组装技术领域的专家,拥有广泛的相关制造工艺知识,其中可能包括制造环境内的冲压/成型/组装或其他工艺的优化和标准化。制造工程团队支持 TE 事业部的工厂达到 TE 运营优势 (TEOA) 的要求,推广卓越中心 (COE)、最佳演示做法 (BDP),并就工具和机械的复制/更正/改进提供 建议。他们设计和开发制造工艺及自动化平台,并将其应用于实现新产品开发以及优化已投产的现有产品。这些团队还支持产品开发人员选择和优化零件生产工具,以及针对计划的制造数量、质量要求和制造地点选择最合适的制造概念。他们充当工程与生产之间的界面,确保新设计的可制造性和生产的稳步推进,以及支持研发团队生产制造设备样机、产品样品和原型。


Job Description:
1. Need precise connector mold design ability
2. Cooperate with Product Engineer, Quality Engineer and related team to develop new molding process according to product requirement by lean thinking.
3. Establish DFM, PFMEA, Mold spec, Mold Design, Molding process and Conditioning Standards and Rules, and conduct tool design. Conduct mold tooling design review with the Engineering, Operation and Quality engineering.
4. Working on the floor to solve technical engineering process issues and improve the process onsite promptly, ensure the production goes smoothly.
5. Conduct training sessions on molding process to technicians and operators.
6. Manage projects to ensure timely debugging of new molds and processes. Lead the mold trials, set up the injection parameters for new product, participate with FMEA to ensure molding process is stable.
7. Guide the mold assembly and repair technician to complete the mold assembly and debugging, ensure sample qualified through First Article and mass production.
8. Approval of First Article inspections and process capability. Ensure approval through close follow-up on mold debugging, conditioning and modification.
9. Support the technical needs for the transfer of the production process, resolve problems as needed to address customer needs, Lead mold improvement of labor or Cycle time reduce.
10. Study or introduce new technologies into process designs to maximize yield and efficiency. Champion flexible manufacturing and integrate flexible platforms into designs.
11. Any other duties assigned by superior.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree major in Material Science or Mechanical Engineering
2. Familiar with engineering software such as Pro-E, CAD, UG and MS Office
3. Strong molding process engineering capability. More than 7 years Mold design, Process and Troubleshooting knowledge / experience. Automotive background will be preferred.
4. Strong understanding of precision molding machine (FANUC, SUMITOMO, ARBURG, SODICK etc.), auxiliary equipment (Robot, Camera, etc.).
5. Good at Mold flow simulation and analysis.
6. Familiar with common polymers (PA, PBT, LCP etc.)
7. Good project management skill – Ability to work on several projects at once.
8. Ability to effectively communicate in English – Written and Spoken
9. Familiar with BTI 5-Step process, and Knowledge of SIM (Scientific Injection Molding).
10. GB&BB of "6 sigma" is perfect.