工作职能:  ????
申请 ID:  118326

QINGDAO, SD, CN, 266113

教育经验:  Other
雇佣经验:  3-5 years
出差:  Less than 10%
At TE, you will unleash your potential working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to create a safer, sustainable and more connected world. 


TE Connectivity 的质量和可靠性工程团队分析产品和生产系统的功能,通过既定的可靠性因素遵守客户和合 同要求。他们设计质量控制系统、建议修订并安装质量控制系统,制定和记录用于增强产品及其组件可靠性的分析方法,并从成本、结构、重量、可维护性、生产设施以及物料和设备的可用性等方面执行相对可靠性分析。我们的团队制定、实施并监视公司环境安全计划和政策,确保遵守联邦、州和地方的环境、健康和安全法规,并在必要时建议纠正措施。他们负责制定政策和做法以遵守与产品环境合规性相关的适用政府法规及行业要求,实施和管理:技术和测试标准及规范;旨在管理物料、产品和流程以优化物料和劳动力的质量控制和可靠性计划;以及故障分析、根本原因、纠正措施和客户沟通。


In-process and Outgoing Quality Control
(i) Identify and verify the quality issue requests from inspectors, plant and customers;
(ii) Lead and coordinate resources to analyze, investigate, and follow up with corrective solutions regarding the quality issues;
(iii) Consolidate and develop analysis reports and coordinate resources to resolve the quality issues;
(iv) Explain or initiate urgent containment actions (define risk scale/material block/inventory re-inspection/rework/quality alert) and follow up with 8D problem-solving process regarding the CCR issues, and determine the disposition of suspect lots;
(v) Design and develop the gauge (go/no-go) and conduct MSA (Measurement System Analysis);
(vi) Develop the process control chart and conduct process capability analysis and coordinate with Engineering regarding capability issues;
(vii) Conduct testing experiments regarding deviation requests;
(viii) Conduct regular process audit on site and focus on potensial safety hazard, quality risk elimination,quality issue resolving and efficiency improvement;
in order to ensure the production process meets the company's and customer's needs
Policies and Procedures
(i) Develop and monitor the implementation of quality related documents (incl.QCP (Quality control plan), Final Inspection Instruction, Appearance Sample Card, QA Instruction) of assigned products;
(ii) Develop and monitor the implementation of the QIP (Quality Inspection Plan) for QA inspectors and in-process inspectors;
(iii) Deploy the TE Quality standards into control points 
(iv) Update the process control parameters (specification, apprearance,etc.) of QC documents according to engineering changes;
in order to provide working guidelines and to ensure the business procedures in line with QC and global standards.
(v)work with cross function team for quality improvements
(vi) deliver customer's special requirements to correct windows, and drive PE to maitain product drawing per production condition;
Disposal of CCR&IRR
(i) Deal with customer complaint to ensure the issue solved and meet the response time requirement.
(ii) Initiate complaint analysis, develop corrective plan and monitor the execution.
(iii) Negotiate with customer in responsibility clarification and cost allocation.
(iv) Initiate the daily quality highlight review meeting to ensure the improvement actions are well implemented.
(v) Deliver inspection and communication skill training to QC.
(vi) Review the quality improvement circle and conduct the developing status.
in order to make the service level and production quality meet to customers' and company's requirement.
People Management
Provide technical supports and suggestions; and deliver technical training to quality inspectors in order to improve the team quality.
- Bachelor degree with technical background
- 1years quality related working experience
- ISO System Familiarity


价值观:诚信行事、承担责任、包容并蓄 、锐意创新, 团队合作